Homes That Fail To Sell in the LBI Real Estate Market

Tracking Home Seller Failure Rate on Long Beach Island LBI Real Estate Overall, the real estate market on Long Beach Island has been largely improved. We are seeing a higher number of homes sell with a higher average and median sales price. This has to do with several factors including favorable interest rates, and abundance READ MORE

Things to Remember When Selling a Home on Long Beach Island

Preparing to Sell a Home in the LBI Real Estate Market LBI Real Estate Selling a home on Long Beach Island involves many steps. A home must be priced correctly, it must be marketed well and listing agent must understand the home sales process. Likewise, it is important for a seller to understand their role READ MORE

Oceanside Single Family Home Sale Update in Long Beach Township

Single Family Sales in the LBI Real Estate Market from Mid May through Mid June LBI Real Estate The spring real estate market on Long Beach Island is usually very active as buyers look to complete a transaction prior to the start of the summer season. There is usually good inventory on the market which READ MORE

Why Sellers Should Verify Buyers in the LBI NJ Real Estate Market

Proof of Funds and Pre-Approval Letters When Buying and Selling a Home in the Long Beach Island Real Estate Market LBI Real Estate The LBI real estate market has been experiencing a period of improved prices and improved market activity. While this is largely positive, it does create a situation where some transactions fall apart READ MORE

Oceanblock Home Sales in the LBI Real Estate Market

Oceanblock Home Sales on Long Beach Island New Jersey LBI Real Estate Sales of single-family homes in the ocean block areas of Long Beach Island have been witnessing a period of high demand. Many would argue the ocean block offers one of the best locations on LBI , as nearly every home will provide a READ MORE