Beach Haven Historic District

Beach Haven Historic District

Beach Haven Historic Zone

Beach Haven Real Estate and the Historic Zone

Beach Haven, one of the several towns on Long Beach Island, is unique in that it has a historic zone. The Beach Haven Historic District is designed to maintain the preserve the traditional and historic look of a section in Beach Haven. In 2004 Beach Haven passed a law that created the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission with the intention to maintain the historical and architectural distinctive homes that are found in Beach Haven. It is important to note that not all of Beach Haven is subject to the Beach Haven Historic District’s guidelines. Mainly the oceanside areas from 5th Street to Chatsworth Ave fall into this jurisdiction. Before buying a home in the Beach Haven real estate market it is important to know if your prospective home falls in the historic district and if so, what impact it will have on your future plans the the long term appreciation.

Beach Haven Historic District

The Beach Haven historic district covers roughly 386 homes in Beach Haven over about 30 blocks. Many homes fall in this area including small beach bungalows and grand Victorian era homes. Specifically the commission is concerned with exterior appearances and the alteration or demolition of historic properties. Any exterior alteration that is visible from the road is subject to review by the commission and there are limitation on what can be done and what materials can be used. This can be impact your investment if you are looking to build a new home in Beach Haven or make a large addition, for example adding a second floor. The commission is not concerned with interior work of any kind or additions and alterations that are not visible from the street. Some additional points to know are:

  • The commission does not concern itself with paint color
  • Landscaping is not regulated however pavers, sidewalks and fences do need approval
  • The demolition of a building requires and meeting and review before it may commence. This process can involve a one year wait period. This is especially significant in the LBI real estate market as there is great value in building a new home.
  • There is no fee involved for a hearing before the commission

Buying a Home in the Beach Haven Historic District

When looking to buy a home in the Beach Haven Historic District it is important to understand the limitations of the area and how they may help or harm you. I personally believe there is great value in maintaining the historic charm of the area and there is evidence to suggest that prices positively reflect this sentiment. That said, there are some “misses” in the general market that are a result of the historic commission guidelines. Fore example garages are not permitted under the home which breaks from the rest of Long Beach Island. If you are considering the purchase of a home in the Beach Haven Historic District I can help you to understand the positives and negatives of the transaction and how the guidelines may impact the value of your investment.

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