Why Buy on LBI?

Choosing the Right Location for your Second Home

Why Buy on LBI?
Why Buy on LBI?

Long Beach Island Real Estate

Long Beach Island offers excellent options for those seeking a second home, vacation destination, or investment property. When purchasing a second home, a home buyer must consider combination of factors to ensure they make the right investment. There are a number of shore towns up and down the coast of New Jersey, each with their own set of pros and cons. Long Beach Island is unique for several reasons, which is why it has remained a popular resort destination for more than 200 years. Understanding why buying on LBI is such a smart move, requires an understanding of the area and its advantages.

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Why Buy on LBI?

Understanding what makes Long Beach Island special can help a buyer feel confident in their investment.

  • Family Friendly Fun
  • Diverse Housing Options
  • Strong Tourism Market
  • Safe, Secure Environment with Strong Infrastructure and Service

Long Beach Island is above all else, a family destination. LBI lacks a boardwalk and instead offers a vibrant downtown area in Beach Haven with amusements, shopping, dining, mini golf, and attractions. This downtown section is complemented by a number of small stores, restaurants, and attractions located throughout Long Beach Island. Almost every location on LBI offers close proximity to some services and attractions. The large lifeguarding beaches are perfect for families and handicap beach access makes LBI a multigenerational destination.

The LBI real estate market offers a number of different housing options that can fit the different needs and price budgets of buyers. There are large single-family waterfront estates that will sell for $10 or $15 million and there are interval ownership properties, which resemble timeshares, that will sell for under $100,000. With such a diverse range of options, there are opportunities for just about everyone to realize the dream of owning a beach home.

Long Beach Island has a strong tourism and summer rental market. This is highly appealing for those looking at a second home, especially those looking for a second home to double as an investment property. It is possible to rent out a home and generate immediate cash flow which can help to offset the ownership costs on LBI. This was extremely important in the financial downturn of 2008 when summer rentals helped to stave off short sales and foreclosures thus keeping the LBI real estate market stronger and investments more secure.

LBI is an extremely safe and secure beach town with a low crime rate and a strong infrastructure that helps to keep the area appealing. Long Beach Island offers a free shuttle service to visitors and residents and maintenance crews work year-round to keep the streets and beaches clean. The resilience of Long Beach Island was never more evident than in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Even with such a major storm making a direct impact on LBI, the summer following the storm was business as usual. The towns on Long Beach Island worked hard to ensure that the summer would be uninterrupted and they succeeded in their goal. Compared to many other shore towns, who even years after Hurricane Sandy have not recovered, the speedy recovery of Long Beach Island is an indication of the safety and stability of investing in the LBI real estate market.

Investing in the LBI Real Estate Market

LBI is not for everyone, and it is important to understand the unique attributes of this area. For some, they prefer a busier area with a boardwalk to the peace and quiet of LBI. Through summer rentals, LBI offers the unique opportunity to test the area so buyers can see what they like and do not like about the different towns on Long Beach Island. When asking the question, it is because Long Beach Island offers a safe, clean family resort destination at the beach with numerous amenities, award-winning restaurants, and close proximity to North Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. For more information about the LBI real estate market, CONTACT MEĀ and I will respond right away.

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

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