Buying a Beach Badge on Long Beach Island NJ

Beach Badges on Long Beach Island NJ

Buying a Beach Badge on Long Beach Island NJ

LBI Beach Badges and Buying a Beach Badge on Long Beach Island NJ

Beach badges (also known as beach passes or beach tags) are small plastic tags that are sold to beach patrons by local municipalities on Long Beach Island NJ and almost every other shore town at the Jersey shore. Long Beach Island NJ Beach Badges are sold by the local municipalities and are sold in seasonal, weekly, or daily time periods. Seasonal beach badges entitle the owner to use the pass all summer long. Weekly badges are sold on a week-by-week basis and expire on Friday (a “week” runs from Saturday-Friday). Daily badges, as the name implies, are issued on a day-by-day basis. Beach patrons are required to display their badges on themselves or on their beach attire when on the beach. Each town has beach badge checkers who will ask to see your badge. Each town has its own badges so be sure to pay attention to where you are staying on LBI before you purchase a badge. The towns are:

  • Barnegat Light
  • Harvey Cedars
  • Surf City
  • Ship Bottom
  • Long Beach Township
  • Beach Haven

If you do not have a badge, you can purchase them directly from the checkers. Proceeds of the beach badge sales go to a number of different areas including:

  • Beach Badge Checkers
  • Beach Maintenance
  • Beach Cleaning
  • Proceeds DO NOT Pay Lifeguards Salaries!

Long Beach Township NJ

Long Beach Township is the largest municipality on Long Beach Island NJ covering roughly 12 of LBI’s 18 miles. A beach badge purchased for Long Beach Township will entitle the owner to use any beach in Long Beach Township. The rates for Long Beach Township will vary depending on the type of badge being purchased. The types are:

  • Pre-Season (purchased before June 15)
  • Seasonal Badge (purchased after June 15)
  • Senior Citizen Badge (with ID)
  • Weekly Badge
  • Daily Badge

Seasonal beach badges may be purchased either by mail or at the sales office outside of town hall on 68th Street in Brant Beach. Daily and weekly badges usually may be purchased directly from the beach badge checkers. For more information, you can visit Long Beach Township Beach Patrol’s Website.

Beach Haven, Ship Bottom, Surf City, Barnegat Light and Harvey Cedars Beach Badges

Much like Long Beach Township, Beach Haven sells beach badges in seasonal, weekly, and daily time periods. Beach Haven also offers free badges to children under 12, seniors, and active-duty military personal. Ship Bottom, Surf City, Barnegat Light, and Harvey Cedars also sell badges under similar guidelines. Harvey Cedars offers an online order form. Barnegat Light offers a slightly lower seasonal rate and has a lot of information about their Barnegat Light beaches on their website. Ship Bottom and Surf City’s prices and rules are accessible on their websites as well.

Summertime on Long Beach Island!

Long Beach Island NJ Beach Badges go a long way to helping the local towns fund their improvements and maintenance to the beaches we all love and enjoy. Without the added revenue generated from these inexpensive passes, many programs would suffer. If you are renting a house on Long Beach Island NJ, be sure to check and see if the owner is providing beach badges as many homes now provide them as a courtesy to their guests. If you would like more information about Buying a Beach Badge on Long Beach Island NJ, you can visit any of the towns’ websites or call the local beach patrol.

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