Long Beach Island Area Overview

What LBI Has To Offer Long Beach Island Long Beach Island, or “LBI” as it is known, is a summer resort town off the southern coast of New Jersey. LBI has been recognized for its white sandy beaches, safe, clean environment, and abundance of family activities. Here on Long Beach Island, we also see something READ MORE

Long Beach Island Real Estate Homeowner’s Insurance

Understanding Homeowner’s Insurance and the LBI Real Estate Market Long Beach Island Real Estate While flood insurance is the most commonly discussed form of protection for both buyers and sellers in the LBI real estate market, in many cases, homeowner’s insurance will be the more significant expense! While it is true that flood insurance can be an READ MORE

New Long Beach Island Real Estate Rental Rules

Changes to the LBI Real Estate Rental Market Long Beach Island NJ Real Estate The LBI real estate market offers a lot of opportunity for homebuyers, especially in the rental market. LBI has a strong and reliable summer rental industry that can help to offset the costs of owning a home on Long Beach Island. READ MORE

Long Beach Island Real Estate Tax Appeals

Tax Appeals in the LBI New Jersey Real Estate Market Long Beach Island Real Estate While most buyers are surprised at the relatively low property taxes on Long Beach Island, anything that can be done to reduce your ownership costs should be explored. With New Jersey being one of the most heavily taxed states in READ MORE

Beach Haven Historic District

Beach Haven Historic Zone Beach Haven Real Estate and the Historic Zone Beach Haven, one of the several towns on Long Beach Island, is unique in that it has a historic zone. The Beach Haven Historic District is designed to maintain the preserve the traditional and historic look of a section in Beach Haven. In READ MORE