Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ

Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ

Getting Married on LBI NJ in the Fall


Long Beach Island NJ

Long Beach Island NJ has long been known as a summer family destination. The beautiful white sandy beaches, family atmosphere and unique shopping & dining have helped to make Long Beach Island, or LBI as its also known, a place where wonderful memories are made. In addition to all the summer fun, Long Beach Island NJ is also a great host for a wedding! One of the best times to visit LBI is in the fall and Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ are truly a memorable experience and one that should be considered!

Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ

Although fall does not officially start until late September, the general accepted start of fall on Long Beach Island comes after Labor Day. It is at this time that the majority of the summer tourists return home and the stores and restaurants begin to lessen their hours. This opens up many options for wedding venues including:

  • Local restaurants on Long Beach Island NJ
  • Yacht Clubs on Long Beach Island
  • The Beaches and Bay Beaches on LBI

A particularly beautiful restaurant on LBI that caters to Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ is The Boathouse in Beach Haven NJ. The Boathouse is located on the bayfront and offers a spectacular sunset (which usually occurs around 6:30-7:30 PM during fall on Long Beach Island). The Boathouse pairs with Taste Catering and offers a tremendous value for the money.

Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ are also an excellent time to seek out local yacht clubs on Long Beach Island. During the fall, the majority of the members have returned home and therefore the yacht clubs are looking to host special events…like weddings! With their natural location on the water offering beautiful views and their large open spaces Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ can be unforgettable!

While there is no question that local restaurants and yacht clubs can host an wonderful wedding, one cannot ignore the simple beauty of a wedding on the beaches of Long Beach Island NJ! A beach wedding on Long Beach Island. This is of course dependent on the weather but fall tends to be a very mild month making Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ a possibility on the beach! This can be enhanced when renting a home on Long Beach Island to host the reception as rental rates are dramatically reduced in the fall on LBI.

Wedding Day on LBI New Jersey

A wedding is a special event and one that requires planning and thought. There is a wedding roadshow every year that is an “open house” for the different wedding venues and is a great way to be introduced to Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ. Weddings are a special time for the bride and groom and exploring the different wedding day options on LBI New Jersey can be half the fun! If you have any questions about Fall Weddings on Long Beach Island NJ please do not hesitate to contact me, Nathan Colmer, with any questions!

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