Financing LBI Real Estate

Understanding Home Loans On Long Beach Island

Financing LBI Real Estate
Financing LBI Real Estate

Second Home Mortgages And The LBI Real Estate Market

When Looking To Purchase A Second Home Or Investment Property In The LBI Real Estate Market, It Is Important To Have An Understanding Of The Financing Options Available. While It Is Best To Stay To A Qualified Lender, And Interest Rates And Qualification Terms Will Vary, There Are A Few Basic Points Any Buyer Should Understand When Looking At Options For Financing LBI Real Estate.

Financing LBI Real Estate

There Are Two General Classifications For Financing A Second Home On Long Beach Island. They Are:

  • Second Home Mortgages
  • Investment Loans

Second Home Mortgages Are One Of The Most Commonly Utilized Mortgage Products In The LBI Real Estate Market. These Mortgages Are Similar To A Conventional Home Mortgage For A Primary Residence In The Most Will Offer A Fixed Rate And A 30 Year Period. For Most Second Home Mortgages, The Down Payment Must Be A Minimum Of 20% Which Is Different From Many FHA Loans For Other Primary Mortgage Options.

Investment Loans, Which Are Most Commonly Used For Duplexes Or Commercial Properties On LBI, Are Slightly More Restrictive Than A Second Home Mortgage. Most Investment Loans Will Carry A Minimum Of 20% Or 25% As They Are Down Payment And May Carry A Higher Interest Rate. Duplexes Are In Most Cases Automatically Considered Investment Property As They Are A Two Family Home. Thanks Will Automatically Assume At Least One Of The Units In A Duplex Will Be Rented, Making It An Investment Property.

Home Loans In The LBI Real Estate Market

It Is Very Important For Anyone Reading This Article To Understand That I Am Real Estate Agent And Not A Mortgage Specialist. Every LBI Real Estate Transaction Is Different, And The Lending Rules And Regulations Will Vary Depending On Number Of Factors. Qualification For A Loan Will Depend On The Individual’s Income, Debt Limits, Payment History, And A Host Of Other Factors. This Will Determine The Interest Rate Charged And The Amount Of Down Payment Required For The LBI Real Estate Transaction. Speaking With The Lender Prior To Starting Your LBI Real Estate Home Search Can Go A Long Way To Establishing Your Budget And Determining What You Are Comfortable Purchase Price Will Be. For More Information About Financing LBI Real Estate Or Any Questions About Home Sales On Long Beach Island, CONTACT ME And I Will Respond Right Away.

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

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