LBI Real Estate Market Update 12/16/2018-12/22/2018

LBI Real Estate Market Update 12/16/2018-12/22/2018

Weekly Sales Update for the Long Beach Island NJ Real Estate Market

Long Beach Island Real Estate

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for buying, selling, or investing in the LBI real estate market is to understand the current activity. To help with this, I publish a weekly sales update for the Long Beach Island real estate market in addition to my monthly analysis of home sales. Here you will find the LBI real estate market update for the week of 12/16-2018-12/22/2018 in which I publish all the active, pending, sold and withdrawn listings that are or were for sale on Long Beach Island in the given time frame. To give a quick summary:

  • 13 new listings entered the market with an average price of $914,723
  • 12 listings went under contract with an average list price of about $1,300,000
  • 7 properties sold on Long Beach Island with an average price of $1,074,285
  • 16 listings were either withdrawn of expired in the LBI real estate market

LBI Real Estate Market Update 12/16/2018-12/22/2018

Below is a breakdown of all market activity on Long Beach Island over the past week. For the property status “A” means the property is active, “P” means the property is under contract (pending), “C” means the property sold and “W” or “X” means the property failed to sell (withdrawn or expired). Note this is for single family homes, condos, duplexes and commercial real estate listed by all local Long Beach Island real estate agencies.

TypeMLS#AddressMunicipalitySectionCurrent PriceBeds TotalBaths FullBaths HalfSq Ft TotalWaterfrontDOM
SF4058441A32  16thSurf CitySurf City$769,500 3101,044No12
SF4058559A202 W 17thShip BottomShip Bottom$720,000 310936No4
SF4058557A1605  Ocean AveSurf CitySurf City$2,100,000 3312,330Yes4
SF4058535A1806  BayLong Beach TwpNorth Beach Haven$1,525,000 4313,207Yes4
CONDO4058512A214  LeewardBeach Haven BoroughL.E.H. Yacht$410,000 210684Yes5
SF4058484A19 W 44thLong Beach TwpBrant Beach$1,649,900 3202,060Yes9
CONDO4058513A4 W LillieLong Beach TwpBeach Haven Park$449,000 310816No6
SF4058495A1602  CentralBarnegat LightBarnegat Light$899,000 5300No8
CONDO4058472A415  8thBeach Haven BoroughBeach Haven$572,000 3211,493No10
SF4058491A5 E DuneLong Beach TwpThe Dunes$1,200,000 4212,268No7
SF4049880A6412  Long BeachLong Beach TwpBrant Beach$549,000 2201,195No184
CONDO4049878A6412  Long BeachLong Beach TwpBrant Beach$549,000 2201,195No184
CONDO4047637A113 E 24th St C9Ship BottomShip Bottom$499,000 2211,392No233
M4051667A26 W OceanviewLong Beach TwpPeahala Park$599,900 MMM2,100No148
SF4058111P14  11thBarnegat LightBarnegat Light$550,000 2201,400No35
SF4053753P114 E 6thBeach Haven BoroughBeach Haven$995,000 4212,200No98
SF4055222P15 E 14thLong Beach TwpNorth Beach Haven$699,000 4111,400No77
SF4054959P301 N 4thSurf CitySurf City$1,279,000 5413,200No90
SF4053670P10  ArnoldLong Beach TwpHigh Bar Harbor$989,000 4312,358Yes103
SF4043246P125 E North CarolinaLong Beach TwpBeach Haven Park$3,595,000 6324,000Yes325
SF4055092P121 E 6thShip BottomShip Bottom$1,295,000 4312,754No78
SF4047660P101 E LillieLong Beach TwpBeach Haven Park$1,349,000 4311,952No229
SF4058219P302 W 22ndShip BottomShip Bottom$1,495,000 4211,776Yes21
SF4056587P11 E 10thBeach Haven BoroughBeach Haven$1,499,000 4222,838No59
SF4050090P260  PompanoLong Beach TwpLoveladies$950,000 4201,227Yes168
SF4047592P1903  PennsylvaniaShip BottomShip Bottom$454,000 210697No242
M4047805C2005  CentralBarnegat LightBarnegat Light$538,000 MMM2,392No204
M4053137C7 E 52ndLong Beach TwpBrant Beach$850,000 MMM1,520No72
SF4053504C1  LagoonLong Beach TwpNorth Beach$630,000 6201,512No112
SF4031278C7 W MarylandLong Beach TwpBeach Haven Terrace$1,150,000 4312,400No383
SF4053908C11501  Long BeachLong Beach TwpHaven Beach$720,000 3112,162No58
SF4053773C1946  BayShip BottomShip Bottom$995,000 3111,560Yes6
SF4053573C272 W 13thShip BottomShip Bottom$999,999 4312,681No66
SF4048015C6 E BergenHarvey CedarsHarvey Cedars$2,025,000 4312,500No176
SF4044076C4308  S Long BeachLong Beach TwpHolgate$999,999 5402,600No295
M4055162C214  16thSurf CitySurf City$627,500 MMM1,360No57
SF4051345X128  29thShip BottomShip Bottom$799,900 3201,496No161
SF4049823X327  NorwoodBeach Haven BoroughL.E.H. Yacht$1,175,000 4312,212No167
SF4049769X5413  WestLong Beach TwpHolgate$985,000 4211,932No180
SF4049793X70  ButlerLong Beach TwpHigh Bar Harbor$1,595,000 5403,052Yes183
SF4051535X1010  Long BeachLong Beach TwpNorth Beach$939,000 4211,948No165
SF4053877X24  JoshuaLong Beach TwpHolgate$1,175,000 4312,300No91
SF4049865X1806  BayLong Beach TwpNorth Beach Haven$1,525,000 4313,207Yes183
M4053909X11501  long beach blvd.Long Beach TwpHaven Beach$929,000 MMMMNo92
SF4048027X121 W  IndianaLong Beach TwpBeach Haven Terrace$3,995,000 7425,495Yes213
SF4049429X12301 N Old WhalingLong Beach TwpThe Dunes$869,500 4302,630No183
SF4053395X1602  CentralBarnegat LightBarnegat Light$899,000 5300No107
M4053688X202  StratfordBeach Haven BoroughL.E.H. Yacht$1,350,000 MMM1,950Yes83
SF4053108W7 E 52ndLong Beach TwpBrant Beach$879,000 5201,520No77
SF4053497W10 E 44thLong Beach TwpBrant Beach$779,000 3201,056No109
SF4032980W30 W 8thBarnegat LightBarnegat Light$713,997 6302,016No402
SF4056979W6  ArnoldLong Beach TwpHigh Bar Harbor$929,000 4301,794Yes41
SF4056670W20 W LillieLong Beach TwpBeach Haven Park$1,399,000 5312,891Yes55
CONDO4053601W20 W 21stLong Beach TwpSpray Beach$400,000 3101,000No112

Long Beach Island Real Estate Sales Analysis

Overall the market activity seen during the past week is about what we expect to see for this time of year. The average sold price of a single family home is around $1,000,000 which has been the case for some time now. The fact that 12 homes went into pending is actually rather high for this time of year. Usually late December can be a slower time of year as many buyers are distracted by the holiday season. For more information about buying, selling or investment in the Long Beach Island real estate market or about LBI Real Estate Market Update for the week of 12/16/2018-12/22/2018 please do not hesitate to contact me.

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

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