LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 4/14/2019-4/21/2019

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 4/7/2019-4/14/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales 4/14/2019-4/21/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 4/14/2019-4/21/2019: Overall market activity dropped a little more this week compared to last week. Overall the spring market has shown great strength however if the slower activity continues it could reverse the gains made thus far. To help understand the dynamics of the LBI real estate market for buyers, sellers and investors I publish a weekly sales update for the Long Beach Island real estate market in addition to my monthly analysis of home sales. You can review all the active, pending, sold and withdrawn listings that are or were for sale on Long Beach Island in the given time frame. To give a quick summary:

  • 26 new listings entered the market with an average price of $1,546,377
  • 26 listings went under contact with an average listing price of about $852,165
  • 18 properties sold on Long Beach Island with an average price of $986,056
  • 12 listings were either withdrawn of expired in the LBI real estate market

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 |

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LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 4/14/2019-4/21/2019

Below is a breakdown of all market activity on Long Beach Island over the past week. For the property status NEW means it is a new or re-listed home, DOWN means the price was reduced, “P” means the property is under contract (pending), “C” means the property sold and “W” or “X” means the property failed to sell (withdrawn or expired). Note this is for single family homes, condos, duplexes and commercial real estate listed by all local Long Beach Island real estate agencies.

TypeChg TypeStreet NumberStreet Dir PrefixStreet NameMunicipalityCurrent PriceSq Ft TotalDOM
INOWNEW17E76thHarvey Cedars$150,000 1,0003
CONDONEW1000BayBeach Haven Borough$429,000 65210
MULNEW1806BarnegatShip Bottom$499,000 1,2169
SFNEW112SBarnegatSurf City$639,000 1,1433
SFNEW16WHobartLong Beach Twp$679,000 1,3444
SFNEW106E6thShip Bottom$699,000 1,4046
MULNEW106E6thShip Bottom$699,000 1,5756
SFNEW128E29Ship Bottom$799,000 1,4967
SFNEW320NorwoodBeach Haven Borough$875,000 1,2963
SFNEW31WSouth 33rdLong Beach Twp$929,000 1,9206
SFNEW109HobartLong Beach Twp$1,089,900 2,4463
SFNEW11502BeachLong Beach Twp$1,149,000 1,8645
SFNEW6305ELong BeachHarvey Cedars$1,195,000 2,3004
SFNEW5EWinifredLong Beach Twp$1,249,000 2,4003
SFNEW133Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,250,000 1,8167
SFNEW321LibertyBeach Haven Borough$1,545,000 2,5004
SFNEW21EMeadeLong Beach Twp$1,549,000 3,2004
SFNEW320IroquoisBeach Haven Borough$1,550,000 2,5004
SFNEW70ButlerLong Beach Twp$1,595,000 3,0527
SFNEW4Lower Little IslandBeach Haven Borough$1,999,900 2,9006
SFNEW3EMercerHarvey Cedars$2,100,000 2,4674
SFNEW352Dusty MillerLong Beach Twp$2,199,000 3,94838
SFNEW474SchodererSurf City$2,295,000 2,3524
SFNEW24PanoramaLong Beach Twp$3,049,000 4,2004
SFNEW15NOcean (Interior Lot)Surf City$4,499,000 4,4000
SFNEW115EJeromeLong Beach Twp$5,495,000 5,70011
CONDODOWN21WPennsylvaniaLong Beach Twp$169,900 46862
CONDODOWN11Cox AveHarvey Cedars$539,000 91237
CONDODOWN500NBayBeach Haven Borough$589,000 1,20014
SFDOWN5406Long BeachHarvey Cedars$605,000 1,228171
SFDOWN10CoxHarvey Cedars$684,500 1,51266
SFDOWN97E27thShip Bottom$869,000 2,160105
SFDOWN1602CentralBarnegat Light$875,000 1,964128
SFDOWN29E23rdLong Beach Twp$949,500 2,578104
CONDODOWN29E23rdLong Beach Twp$949,500 2,578104
SFDOWN5413WestLong Beach Twp$975,000 1,93244
SFDOWN17W20thBarnegat Light$999,999 2,41730
SFDOWN12Esailboat lane (89th)Long Beach Twp$1,197,500 2,113165
SFDOWN153CLong Beach BoulevardLong Beach Twp$1,649,000 3,127220
COMDOWN1101SBayBeach Haven Borough$1,699,000 0388
SFDOWN1101S Bay AveBeach Haven Borough$1,699,000 4,256435
SFDOWN149DLong BeachLong Beach Twp$1,699,000 3,02553
SFDOWN3008BeachLong Beach Twp$1,789,000 2,60066
SFDOWN120EMermaidLong Beach Twp$2,250,000 2,78167
SFDOWN26HideawayLong Beach Twp$2,395,000 4,100452
SFUP1010Long BeachLong Beach Twp$949,000 1,948167
SFK7301Long BeachLong Beach Twp$419,000 1,29668
CONDOK7301Long BeachLong Beach Twp$419,000 1,29677
MULK1EJeanetteLong Beach Twp$639,900 1,35094
SFK1EJeanetteLong Beach Twp$639,900 1,35095
MULK22E33rdLong Beach Twp$895,000 2,03217
SFK22E33rdLong Beach Twp$895,000 1,58417
SFK18LangeHarvey Cedars$1,100,000 2,60479
CONDOP111E6thShip Bottom$359,000 624229
LNDP14AlbrightLong Beach Twp$525,000 8,500153
SFP6208Long Beach Blvd.Long Beach Twp$575,000 1,40057
COMP1511Long BeachLong Beach Twp$595,000 0242
SFP1256thBeach Haven Borough$699,000 1,536235
CONDOP4138thBeach Haven Borough$699,000 1,70022
SFP7W51stLong Beach Twp$715,000 1,29618
SFP29ECulverLong Beach Twp$750,000 1,32087
SFP102N13thSurf City$779,000 1,05644
SFP5303Long BeachLong Beach Twp$925,000 2,30022
SFP5E44thLong Beach Twp$929,000 2,076230
CONDOP5E44thLong Beach Twp$929,000 2,076230
SFP2E13thBarnegat Light$999,000 2,39473
SFP103ESurfLong Beach Twp$999,500 1,681192
SFP450EnglesideBeach Haven Borough$1,279,000 2,34056
SFP53CedarsHarvey Cedars$1,349,000 2,100157
SFP1201SeaviewBarnegat Light$1,395,000 2,736140
SFP209ESouth 33rdLong Beach Twp$1,699,000 2,03910
SFW1ALouisianaLong Beach Twp$439,000 1,07284
SFW1709SunsetSurf City$589,000 1,4402
SFW320NorwoodBeach Haven Borough$875,000 043
SFW3EMercerHarvey Cedars$2,100,000 2,467419
SFV215NautilusLong Beach Twp$1,895,000 3,273243
COMC2512Long BeachShip Bottom$355,000 0148
CONDOC1ALouisianaLong Beach Twp$439,000 1,07284
SFC30WSand DuneLong Beach Twp$520,000 92425
SFC12527thShip Bottom$545,000 1,000301
CONDOC500SBayBeach Haven Borough$585,000 1,20077
SFC1177thShip Bottom$600,000 1,30024
CONDOC12E41stLong Beach Twp$715,000 1,300239
SFC10E44thLong Beach Twp$755,000 1,05630
MULC131E30thShip Bottom$762,500 1,775141
SFC6ArnoldLong Beach Twp$852,500 1,794114
SFC3WarwickHarvey Cedars$925,000 1,6008
CONDOC103ELillieLong Beach Twp$955,000 1,65452
SFC1267thBeach Haven Borough$999,999 1,98738
SFC140Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,150,000 2,910102
MULC203E16thLong Beach Twp$1,400,000 3,000457
SFC12E29thBarnegat Light$2,000,000 2,994187
SFC8East 73rd StreetHarvey Cedars$2,040,000 2,500349
SFC805SAtlanticBeach Haven Borough$2,150,000 2,10065
INOWX17E76thHarvey Cedars$150,000 1,000274
SFX12E41stLong Beach Twp$739,000 1,300239
SFX6305ELong BeachHarvey Cedars$1,195,000 2,300196
SFX271PompanoLong Beach Twp$1,325,000 2,79386
SFX294thSurf City$1,375,000 2,400159
SFX77 ALong Beach BlvdLong Beach Twp$2,599,000 3,808182
SFX168Long BeachLong Beach Twp$2,750,000 3,016320

LBI New Jersey Real Estate Sales Analysis

The same number of new listings entered the market this week as last however the average price was driven much higher. This is thanks in part to several large oceanfront entering the LBI real estate sales market. Pending sales were much higher (19 last week and 26 this week) however the average price point was lower. There were 2 more closed transactions this week and the average price point was virtually the same as last week. Taken as a whole the LBI real estate market is performing well but the slower activity in recent weeks will have to be monitored. For more information about buying, selling or investment in the Long Beach Island real estate market or about LBI NJ Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 4/14/2019-4/21/2019 please do not hesitate to contact me.

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 |

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