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Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island, or “LBI” as it is known, is a summer resort town off the southern coast of New Jersey. LBI has been recognized for its white sandy beaches, safe, clean environment, and abundance of family activities. Here on Long Beach Island, we also see something more unique than the local amenities. We see generation after generation come back to this seashore town and make memories over and over again. There are several reasons for this, and they all contribute to creating beautiful memories on Long Beach Island. There are a few reasons why Long Beach Island appeals to such a broad age group and different generations. They are:

  • Long Beach Island is a short drive from many areas of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut
  • There is no boardwalk on Long Beach Island, and as such, the Island is a little more “slow-paced” while still offering lots to do.
  • There are amenities to service different the groups on LBI including bars, restaurants, shopping, a theater, a Historical Society and of course clean, safe beaches with handicap access

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

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Long Beach Island Area Overview

The fact that Long Beach Island is such an easy drive from North Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania helps to make Long Beach Island place people want to come back and visit again and again. For homeowners on LBI, it is possible to visit every week or weekend and continue with a regular job and a rather easy commute. This allows for “long weekends” where people can take off Thursday and Friday and still can be near their job if need be.

Long Beach Island does not have a boardwalk. While a boardwalk may seem iconic with the Jersey shore, it is more industrialized than the natural dunes LBI has to offer. Rather than a boardwalk, Long Beach Island has a vigorous downtown shopping area in Beach Haven complemented by independently owned stores and restaurants spread throughout the rest fo LBI. In the town, Beach Haven visitors can find an amusement park, shopping, restaurants, and other fun activities. While many of these activities are geared towards families, there is also a vibrant nightlife with exciting bars, clubs, live music, and fun! Lately, we have seen new luxury hotels planned and developed with price tags in the 10’s of millions of dollars. 

Long Beach Island New Jersey (LBI NJ)

Long Beach Island tries to offer something for everyone and does this very well. For young and old, there are activities to keep you entertained in the summer season. Even the beaches tried to accommodate everyone with wooden walkways that are handicap accessible, and a beach wheels project that offers specialized wheelchairs capable of navigating the sand. If you have any questions about buyingselling, or investing in the LBI real estate market, please do not hesitate to contact me.

By : Nathan Colmer |LBI Real Estate Agent | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 | ncolmer@vandykgroup.com


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