Long Beach Island CAFRA Permit By Rule

Understanding CAFRA Permit by Rule with Oceanfront Homes in the LBI Real Estate Market


Oceanfront Homes on Long Beach Island

All things being equal, oceanfront homes are the most expensive property in the LBI real estate market. They can also be some of the most challenging to buy! Apart from the normal pitfalls that can occur in any real estate transaction, oceanfront homes have additional factors that must be taken into account. One of these factors is Long Beach Island CAFRA Permit By Rule. This can apply to building a new home in the LBI real estate market or expanding an existing home footprint.

Long Beach Island CAFRA Permit By Rule

Permit by rule has a number of points to consider however the most common are:

  • Permit by rule allows for expansion of a single family home on the non-water side of the home up to 400 sq. feet.
  • Development of a single family home with a bulkhead on a lagoon that has existing sewer service

Building a home on the water allows for almost immediate appreciation in the LBI real estate market. CAFRA can allow for expansion of the footprint to create a larger home, however in some cases, it may not be needed! For example, an existing oceanfront home may already be very near to the township building line and/or the CAFRA building envelope. However, if there is room in the rear of the lot, away from the water, a 400 sq. foot expansion may be possible. In some cases, this expansion may even be larger when the additional square footage of a second floor is factored in. CAFRA also allows exemptions for decking. This can also increase the buildable area of an oceanfront property on Long Beach Island. When designing and building a home on the oceanfront, it is important to strike a balance between heated living space and decking. Much of the LBI lifestyle involves being outside so a large, usable deck is often an advantage. Provided the deck does not interfere with the beach or dunes, and assuming the deck is withing the township building line, an expansion of the deck and the living space may be possible without any involvement by CAFRA. When looking into Long Beach Island CAFRA Permit By Rule, it is important to remember that every situation is different. Therefore, a specific property should be evaluated with the options of a full CAFRA permit and Long Beach Island CAFRA Permit By Rule. Sometimes, a CAFRA permit will allow for such a substantial improvement, the additional time and expense is worthwhile.  In other cases, permit by rule and deck expansion may be all that is needed to increase the value of an oceanfront home in the LBI real estate market!

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