Summer 2013 on LBI NJ

Summer 2013 on Long Beach Island NJ

The Van Dyk Group on Long Beach Island NJ and Summer 2013 on LBI NJ

The Van Dyk Group has started a video series on our YouTube channel here that will highlight LBI as we get ready for the summer of 2013.  Despite the rough winter we have had, many businesses are starting to open back up, and most will be ready for the summer.  We will be interviewing many of these business owners as part of our series, giving updates on the state of their businesses, and the Island as a whole.  Subscribe to our Youtube channel or Like Us on Facebook to get notified as each video comes out.

Also, as part of the packages we give to our tenants upon check-in, many of these businesses will provide offers or coupons for their stores.  We are all working hard to make sure that LBI is ready for our summer guests, and they are offering this as a “Thank You” for supporting Long Beach Island.  We are all very appreciative of our summer guests and the support we receive from you, and this year we are particularly thankful for that support.  It is their way of saying thanks and “Welcome Back to LBI”

The LBI Real Estate Market on Long Beach Island NJ

If you need to contact us for any reason, please feel free to give us a call at 800-222-0131 or try Nathan Colmer at 609-290-4293 Also, for helpful rental tips, or to get information on area events, you can also become a fan of our Facebook page, at          

Thank you and we look forward to assisting with your vacation in any way that we can!