LBI Real Estate Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Costs in the Long Beach Island NJ Real Estate Market Long Beach Island Real Estate Flood Insurance An unfortunate side effect of living on a barrier island is dealing with flooding. While LBI has shown fantastic resilience against flooding, it can and does happen from time to time. The good news is flood READ MORE

Online Home Valuations in the LBI Real Estate Market

Problems and Inaccuracies with Online Home Valuations on Long Beach Island Long Beach Island Real Estate The Internet has had a profound and lasting impact in the world real estate. Both home buyers and home sellers in the LBI real estate market can take advantage of numerous tools available. It is important to remember that READ MORE

Types of Long Beach Island Duplexes

Duplex Styles on Long Beach Island Property Types on Long Beach Island The Long Beach Island real estate market offers several types of ownership. By far, the most popular is that of single family homes but there are also condos, commercial properties, vacant land, interval ownership and, of course, duplexes! Duplexes are a very misunderstood area READ MORE

LBI Real Estate Duplex Investing

Buying A Duplex In The LBI NJ Real Estate Market Long Beach Island Real Estate Duplex or multi-family homes offer a unique buying opportunity on Long Beach Island. While there are many different types of homes for sale on Long Beach Island, the multi-family home market is rather small with only a few sales each READ MORE