Weekly Home Sale Update for the Long Beach Island NJ Real Estate Market 1/1/2019-1/7/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate Market Update 12/23/2018-12/31/2018

LBI Real Estate Market Activity for the Week of 1/1/2019-1/7/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate

When getting ready to buy, sell, or invest in the Long Beach Island NJ real estate market is to understand the current activity. To help with this, I publish a weekly sales update for the Long Beach Island real estate market in addition to my monthly analysis of home sales. In this week’s update, the last of 2018, you will find the LBI real estate market update for the week of 12/23/2018-12/31/2018. you can review all the active, pending, sold and withdrawn listings that are or were for sale on Long Beach Island in the given time frame. To give a quick summary:

  • 26 new listings entered the market with an average price of $1,754,000 (rounded)
  • 12 listings went under contact with an average price of $1,113,000 (rounded)
  • 17 properties sold on Long Beach Island with an average price of $1,120,000 (rounded)
  • 30 listings were either withdrawn of expired in the LBI real estate market
Property TypeChg TypeStreet NumberStreet NameMunicipalityCurrent PriceBeds TotalBaths FullBaths HalfSq Ft TotalDOM
RESNEW126North CarolinaLong Beach Twp$6,242,000 7816,2420
RESNEW3462ndSurf City$799,900 4301,9921
RESNEW137MarylandLong Beach Twp$175,500 1102901
RESNEW1015thLong Beach Twp$675,500 2108161
RESNEW144DuneLong Beach Twp$6,299,999 7735,8201
RESNEW327NorwoodBeach Haven Borough$1,175,000 4312,2122
RESNEW30911thShip Bottom$889,000 4212,2002
RESNEW2395thShip Bottom$989,000 4312,9202
RESNEW106BaySurf City$1,899,000 5312,6002
RESNEW24JoshuaLong Beach Twp$1,175,000 4312,3002
COMNEW8001Long BeachHarvey Cedars$795,000 00003
RESNEW1MarshallLong Beach Twp$899,999 4212,2642
MULNEW8701Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,199,000 0006,0003
COMNEW8701Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,199,000 00003
RESNEW2417thShip Bottom$275,000 1103402
RESNEW11501Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,599,950 5313,6005
RESNEW14BuckinghamHarvey Cedars$897,000 4201,6423
RESNEW103-BLong BeachLong Beach Twp$1,699,000 4313,2004
RESNEW10MarshallLong Beach Twp$749,900 4201,5003
MULNEW213rdSurf City$1,100,000 0001,6323
RESNEW222PearlBeach Haven Borough$1,379,000 5312,5004
RESNEW7212OceanLong Beach Twp$1,475,000 4312,5844
RESNEW4Mac EvoyLong Beach Twp$724,900 4211,7524
RESNEW61DLong BeachLong Beach Twp$7,995,000 8837,2416
RESNEW1005Barnegat AveShip Bottom$1,350,000 5312,6978
RESNEW156MarinaLong Beach Twp$1,949,000 5413,9007
RESBOM1113thLong Beach Twp$699,900 3111,120534
RESDOWN124ColoradoLong Beach Twp$2,999,900 4312,85941
LNDDOWN1104CentralBarnegat Light$429,000 0006,250114
RESDOWN101-1079thShip Bottom$599,000 3201,289129
RESDOWN9E South 34thLong Beach Twp$709,000 3201,18496
RESDOWN504CentralBarnegat Light$884,900 6512,01696
RESDOWN24711thShip Bottom$517,500 22091850
LNDUP26215thShip Bottom$624,950 0008,00027
RESP5711Long BeachLong Beach Twp$659,000 4201,536138
RESP13516thShip Bottom$1,439,000 6412,364109
RESP217OceanBeach Haven Borough$749,000 3121,40038
RESP6401OceanLong Beach Twp$2,499,000 6401,968101
RESP38210thSurf City$1,299,900 4312,565117
RESP2310CentralShip Bottom$639,000 3201,40048
RESP500BayBeach Haven Borough$669,000 2201,200152
RESP1848thLong Beach Twp$1,399,000 5312,20028
RESP101EnglesideBeach Haven Borough$585,000 210946321
RESP1100BayBeach Haven Borough$425,000 220926278
COMP1702Long BeachShip Bottom$2,500 000078
RESP32 DLong BeachLong Beach Twp$2,995,000 5325,261230
RESW17EAST 23rd STREETLong Beach Twp$712,500 4201,38661
RESW2101OceanShip Bottom$1,995,000 4302,172153
RESW61DLong BeachLong Beach Twp$7,241,000 8837,241235
RESV608BeachBeach Haven Borough$835,000 4201,800171
RESV214LeewardBeach Haven Borough$519,900 21077282
RESV2429thLong Beach Twp$1,899,000 4302,994266
RESC7211OceanLong Beach Twp$2,350,000 7404,148210
RESC36910thShip Bottom$730,000 3201,20572
RESC2JanetLong Beach Twp$325,000 310816364
RESC1507CentralSurf City$475,000 311045
RESC4078thBeach Haven Borough$570,000 3211,62741
RESC220LibertyBeach Haven Borough$85,000 3201,00092
RESC24914thShip Bottom$705,000 4212,04073
RESC1110thBeach Haven Borough$1,425,000 4222,83859
RESC5901OceanLong Beach Twp$3,399,000 6534,15041
RESC10ArnoldLong Beach Twp$825,000 4312,358103
LNDC3803OceanLong Beach Twp$1,970,000 000036
MULC17East 23rd StreetLong Beach Twp$660,000 0001,38661
RESC901OceanShip Bottom$580,000 3201,200176
RESC205Nautilus DriveLong Beach Twp$900,000 3111,248166
RESC45CLong BeachLong Beach Twp$2,297,500 5503,600122
RESC4201Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,200,000 5301,928162
RESC21111thBeach Haven Borough$555,000 31097225
RESX1901VirginiaBeach Haven Borough$2,999,000 7634,527365
LNDX1903VirginiaBeach Haven Borough$1,399,000 0000364
RESX168-DLong BeachLong Beach Twp$879,000 4211,928214
RESX8East 68thHarvey Cedars$1,899,000 5412,700162
RESX11BeardsleyLong Beach Twp$779,900 320960307
COMX8701Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,199,000 0000184
MULX8701Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,199,000 0006,000114
RESX112LillieLong Beach Twp$895,000 4111,520106
RESX3205Ocean Unit 8Long Beach Twp$139,000 2112,000358
RESX22012thBeach Haven Borough$1,449,999 4312,500109
COMX7806Long BeachHarvey Cedars$489,999 0000146
RESX20119thShip Bottom$799,900 3201,500411
RESX1097 ALong BeachLong Beach Twp$919,900 4312,450497
RESX1097 ALong BeachLong Beach Twp$959,900 4312,450497
RESX1097 ALong BeachLong Beach Twp$1,869,900 8624,900527
COMX120BayBeach Haven Borough$450,000 0000392
RESX3901Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,550,000 3211,664350
RESX200PelhamBeach Haven Borough$4,499,999 6614,134284
RESX903SeaviewBarnegat Light$2,295,000 5403,300271
LNDX404ShoreSurf City$949,000 0000227
RESX404ShoreSurf City$949,000 3201,796224
RESX11324th St C9Ship Bottom$499,000 2211,392241
RESX2675thSurf City$629,000 3201,368157
RESX901OceanShip Bottom$525,000 2201,081175
RESX403DelawareBeach Haven Borough$585,000 3111,360168
RESX403DelawareBeach Haven Borough$585,000 3111,390168
RESX1805Long BeachShip Bottom$579,000 3201,804155
RESX6208long beachLong Beach Twp$579,000 4201,400152
MULX419CentreBeach Haven Borough$550,000 0001,78626
RESX25BarnegatHarvey Cedars$1,998,000 4312,85091

LBI Real Estate Market Update

Below is a breakdown of all market activity on Long Beach Island over the past week. For the property status NEW means it is a new or re-listed home, DOWN means the price was reduced, “P” means the property is under contract (pending), “C” means the property sold and “W” or “X” means the property failed to sell (withdrawn or expired). Note this is for single family homes, condos, duplexes and commercial real estate listed by all local Long Beach Island real estate agencies.

Long Beach Island Real Estate Sales Analysis

The year is off to a strong start! The higher than average listing price for new inventory is largely due to 3 massive oceanfront listings coming up for over $6,000,000 each! When these are removed from the equation the average listing price drops to a more normal $1,089,000 or so. For more information about buying, selling or investment in the Long Beach Island real estate market or about LBI Real Estate Market Update for the week of 1/1/2019-1/7/2019 please do not hesitate to contact me.

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 | ncolmer@vandykgroup.com


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