LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 8/2/2020-8/9/2020

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 8/2/2020-8/9/2020

Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales 8/2/2020-8/9/2020

Long Beach Island Real Estate

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 8/2/2020-8/9/2020: With 116 changes to the MLS this past week, the Long Beach Island real estate market continues to produce record numbers of sale transactions. To help understand the dynamics of the LBI real estate market for buyers, sellers and investors I publish a weekly sales update for the Long Beach Island real estate market in addition to my monthly analysis of home sales. You can review all the active, pending, sold and withdrawn listings that are or were for sale on Long Beach Island in the given time frame. To give a quick summary:

  • 30 new listings entered the market with an average price of $1,136,587
  • 42 listings went under contact with an average listing price of about $1,265,457
  • 17 properties sold on Long Beach Island with an average price of $1,105,725
  • 10 listings were either withdrawn of expired in the LBI real estate market

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 |

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LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 8/2/2020-8/9/2020

Below is a breakdown of all market activity on Long Beach Island over the past week. For the property status NEW ACTIVE means it is a new or re-listed home, PRICE DECREASE means the price was reduced, PENDING or ACTIVE UNDER CONTRACT means the property is under contract (pending), “C” means the property sold and WITHDRAWN, CANCELED or EXPIRED means the property failed to sell or was a duplicate listing. Note this is for single family homes, condos, duplexes and commercial real estate listed by all local Long Beach Island real estate agencies.

Last Change TypeMLS #AddressCityCurrent Price – Decimal
Coming SoonNJOC4013381001 Ocean Ave #1014Ship Bottom$769,000
Coming SoonNJOC4012161903 Bay TerraceLong Beach Township$1,075,000
Coming SoonNJOC4013241050-B Long Beach #BLong Beach Township$1,499,000
New ActiveNJOC40130811 E 74th Unit 3 AveHarvey Cedars$105,000
New ActiveNJOC4010963205 Ocean #7Long Beach Township$109,000
New ActiveNJOC401108701 Ocean AveShip Bottom$139,000
New ActiveNJOC4012661418 N Long Beach BlvdSurf City$489,000
New ActiveNJOC398424204 S Pennsylvania AveBeach Haven$629,000
New ActiveNJOC400668216 S Bay AveBeach Haven$749,000
New ActiveNJOC401086300 W 18th StShip Bottom$779,000
New ActiveNJOC401312168-E Long Beach BlvdLong Beach Township$799,000
New ActiveNJOC401310168-E Long Beach BlvdLong Beach Township$799,000
New ActiveNJOC4011282210 Central AveShip Bottom$799,900
New ActiveNJOC4008981104-E Long Beach Blvd #ELong Beach Township$825,000
New ActiveNJOC4011322202 Central AveShip Bottom$825,000
New ActiveNJOC401076339 W 14th StShip Bottom$829,000
New ActiveNJOC4012423 W 29th St #BLong Beach Township$839,900
New ActiveNJOC401196102 Rooservelt Ave W #6Long Beach Township$849,900
New ActiveNJOC40114215 87thLong Beach Township$999,000
New ActiveNJOC401198217 N 9th StSurf City$999,900
New ActiveNJOC4010668 Olsen AveHarvey Cedars$1,089,000
New ActiveNJOC401264292 W 27th StShip Bottom$1,195,000
New ActiveNJOC401064133 B Long Beach Blvd.Long Beach Township$1,279,000
New ActiveNJOC40116832 N 12th StSurf City$1,299,000
New ActiveNJOC400976315 Chatsworth Ave #EEEBeach Haven$1,790,000
New ActiveNJOC401284215 Nautilus DriveLong Beach Township$1,895,000
New ActiveNJOC400846201 SE 34th StLong Beach Township$2,295,000
New ActiveNJOC40111211 E 77th StHarvey Cedars$2,399,000
New ActiveNJOC400880108 Lavenia AveLong Beach Township$2,450,000
New ActiveNJOC40095613 E Bergen AveHarvey Cedars$3,499,000
Back to ActiveNJOC140406402 Central AveBarnegat Light$1,399,000
Back to ActiveNJOC39102217 N 7th StSurf City$1,949,000
Back to ActiveNJOC397882118 Amber StBeach Haven$1,995,000
Back to ActiveNJOC40113015 E 28th StBarnegat Light$2,950,000
Price DecreaseNJOC3960061815 Bay TerShip Bottom$690,000
Price DecreaseNJOC3997962501 Long Beach Blvd S #CLong Beach Township$699,000
Price DecreaseNJOC393766504 BroadwayBarnegat Light$699,000
Price DecreaseNJOC393704504 BroadwayBarnegat Light$699,000
Price DecreaseNJOC398400226 E 3rd StBeach Haven$849,900
Price DecreaseNJOC396760358 N 6th StSurf City$970,000
Price DecreaseNJOC395580117 MarinersLong Beach Township$1,425,000
Price DecreaseNJOC400532117 MarinerLong Beach Township$1,425,000
Price DecreaseNJOC3981561101 S Bay AveBeach Haven$1,499,999
Price DecreaseNJOC395754913 S Atlantic AveBeach Haven$2,299,000
Price DecreaseNJOC400584482 Schoderer LnSurf City$2,799,000
Price DecreaseNJOC3755461038 Long Beach Blvd #GLong Beach Township$2,899,000
Active Under ContractNJOC4007461-A LouisianaLong Beach Township$624,900
Active Under ContractNJOC39612640 4th W #8Barnegat Light$799,000
Active Under ContractNJOC39934657 S 2nd StSurf City$1,199,000
Active Under ContractNJOC4008882514 Central AveShip Bottom$1,295,000
Active Under ContractNJOC398216211 11th StBeach Haven$1,395,000
Active Under ContractNJOC40075034 AdrianLong Beach Township$1,495,000
PendingNJOC400468322 Berkeley Ave #3Beach Haven$524,900
PendingNJOC399706316 N 3rd StSurf City$599,000
PendingNJOC4006665 W 33rd StreetLong Beach Township$630,000
PendingNJOC398012430 Dock RdBeach Haven$665,000
PendingNJOC400858203 W 22nd StShip Bottom$699,000
PendingNJOC3943882 Lagoon Dr SLong Beach Township$719,000
PendingNJOC3938562 S Lagoon DrLong Beach Township$719,000
PendingNJOC40095815 Hodgson LaneLong Beach Township$765,000
PendingNJOC3871881215 Central AveShip Bottom$799,999
PendingNJOC40027213 E 17thLong Beach Township$835,000
PendingNJOC40000413 E 17th StLong Beach Township$835,000
PendingNJOC138870401 Pelham AveBeach Haven$849,000
PendingNJOC138822401 Pelham AveBeach Haven$849,000
PendingNJOC39858415 E 14th StLong Beach Township$875,000
PendingNJOC40038224 S 2nd StSurf City$899,000
PendingNJOC40035024 S 2nd StSurf City$899,000
PendingNJOC3974682517 Long Beach Blvd S #1Long Beach Township$899,900
PendingNJOC4000708 E 41stLong Beach Township$999,000
PendingNJOC3947921710 E BlvdShip Bottom$999,000
PendingNJOC394074315 Stratford AveBeach Haven$1,145,000
PendingNJOC39949610 E 21stLong Beach Township$1,149,000
PendingNJOC39532824 PershingLong Beach Township$1,249,499
PendingNJOC3863809312 Mark DrBeach Haven$1,299,000
PendingNJOC39507888 BayviewLong Beach Township$1,499,000
PendingNJOC400338303 AltheaLong Beach Township$1,499,000
PendingNJOC40077436 N 12th StSurf City$1,500,000
PendingNJOC3945821 E VirginiaLong Beach Township$1,549,000
PendingNJOC3999726805 Kent PlHarvey Cedars$1,695,000
PendingNJOC400698124 South 31st StLong Beach Township$1,749,000
PendingNJOC399614435 N 4th StSurf City$1,789,000
PendingNJOC3978963 E 69th StHarvey Cedars$1,895,000
PendingNJOC39874634 Thomas AveHarvey Cedars$2,195,000
PendingNJOC400576418 N 3rd StSurf City$2,475,000
PendingNJOC39820211 E Middlesex AveHarvey Cedars$2,495,000
PendingNJOC398514517 Shore AveShip Bottom$2,599,000
PendingNJOC3902521071-C Long Beach Blvd.Long Beach Township$3,500,000
PendingNJOC138360123 E Texas AveLong Beach Township$4,695,000
ClosedNJOC3970602915 Long Beach Blvd #CLong Beach Township$274,000
ClosedNJOC39710215 W Sailboat LaneLong Beach Township$620,000
ClosedNJOC3910207 W Harmony AveLong Beach Township$769,000
ClosedNJOC3959461804 WaverlyLong Beach Township$783,333
ClosedNJOC398834209 N Atlantic AveBeach Haven$850,000
ClosedNJOC3960223602 S Long Beach Blvd #U1Long Beach Township$865,000
ClosedNJOC3931606 E Mercer AveHarvey Cedars$865,000
ClosedNJOC401278105 LaveniaLong Beach Township$925,000
ClosedNJOC394654274 W 10th StShip Bottom$925,000
ClosedNJOC14000034 Antioch RdLong Beach Township$1,100,000
ClosedNJOC39891037 Amherst RdLong Beach Township$1,135,000
ClosedNJOC3988705010 Ocean BlvdLong Beach Township$1,150,000
ClosedNJOC39956619 Cox AveHarvey Cedars$1,200,000
ClosedNJOC391930302 W 10th StShip Bottom$1,450,000
ClosedNJOC39709219 Cedar DrLong Beach Township$1,575,000
ClosedNJOC398618221 Holyoke AveBeach Haven$1,810,000
ClosedNJOC3974726301 Bayview AveLong Beach Township$2,501,000
WithdrawnNJOC3978382210 Central AveShip Bottom$799,900
WithdrawnNJOC3978322202 Central AveShip Bottom$825,000
WithdrawnNJOC135660357 W 8th StShip Bottom$925,000
WithdrawnNJOC3990961012 Shore AveShip Bottom$1,899,000
WithdrawnNJOC396134134 E 20th StShip Bottom$4,295,000
CanceledNJOC39473822 Carolina Ave #2Long Beach Township$659,000
CanceledNJOC398778125 E 29thLong Beach Township$879,000
ExpiredNJOC39812617 45th WLong Beach Township$550,000
ExpiredNJOC386262101 E 23rd StLong Beach Township$1,850,000
ExpiredNJOC3950864 Idaho Ave ELong Beach Township$2,169,000

LBI New Jersey Real Estate Sales Analysis

Once again there was a net loss of inventory this week with 52 listings leaving the market (either pending sales or expired/withdrawn listings) and only 30 new listings coming on the market. This forces the inventory even lower in what currently is a very low inventory environment. A good number of the current “active” listings also have offers or are under contract so the true availability of homes for sale on Long Beach Island is shockingly low. If you are thinking of selling, this is about as good a market as one can expect. If you are looking to buy, be careful. There are opportunities in every market, including this one, but you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND what determines value in the LBI real estate market to avoid a costly mistake. For more information about buying, selling or investment in the Long Beach Island real estate market or about LBI NJ Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 8/2/2020-8/9/2020 please do not hesitate to contact me.

By : Nathan Colmer | LBI Real Estate Agent | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 |

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