Property Values on Long Beach Island NJ

Property Values on LBI NJ The Long Beach Island (LBI) Real Estate Market Property values on Long Beach Island NJ are primarily determined by three factors, each of which must be taken into account with determining the value of LBI real estate. These factors are: Location-Oceanfront, ocean block, oceanside, bayside, bayfront and lagoon front locations can READ MORE

The LBI Real Estate Market in Summer 2012

LBI Real Estate in Summer 2012 How is the LBI Real Estate Market Doing? You can’t pick up a publication featuring a real estate article that doesn’t indicate improvements in the sales market. It is amazing how many people think homes and prices on LBI were not affected by the downturn; they most certainly were. The good news is, like many other areas in READ MORE

LBI Chowderfest 2012

Chowderfest on Long Beach Island NJ It’s Chowdertime on LBI! LBI Chowderfest 2012 The annual Chowderfet on Long Beach Island NJ  is scheduled for September 29th and September 30th 2012-rain or shine! This popular event promises to be as fun and exciting as it has been for many past years. Typically, the Chowderfest is held the READ MORE

Short Sales on Long Beach Island NJ

Short Sales on Long Beach Island NJ-Are they always the best deal? Short Sales on Long Beach Island NJ More and more buyers look to begin their LBI real estate search by asking about short sales and foreclosures on Long Beach Island NJ. LBI short sales do exist and to help those looking only at READ MORE

Selling LBI Real Estate

Planning to Sell Your Home on Long Beach Island NJ Selling Your Home on LBI The purchase and sale of real estate can be one of the largest and most significant emotional and financial transactions a family can experience. Even though Long Beach Island NJ is mostly second homes. Planning on Selling Your LBI Home READ MORE

Buying a Beach Badge on Long Beach Island NJ

Beach Badges on Long Beach Island NJ LBI Beach Badges and Buying a Beach Badge on Long Beach Island NJ Beach badges (also known as beach passes or beach tags) are small plastic tags that are sold to beach patrons by local municipalities on Long Beach Island NJ and almost every other shore town at the READ MORE

Interval Ownership in the LBI Real Estate Market

“Co-Ownership” or “Interval Ownership” on LBI NJ A Vacation Variation Long Beach Island NJ offers a wonderful, fun-filled family environment during the summer season. Sadly, not everyone can afford a full-time second home in the LBI real estate market, but there are options to help make the dream of owning a vacation home on LBI READ MORE