Hurricane Sandy and Flooding on Long Beach Island NJ

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Hurricane Sandy and Flooding on LBI NJ

Hurricane Sandy and Flooding on Long Beach Island NJ

Hurricane Sandy and Flooding on Long Beach Island NJ

 If your house was affected by Hurricane Sandy and Flooding on Long Beach Island, NJ, here are some helpful tips (after contacting FEMA). Above all else, make sure you photograph and document EVERYTHING that concerns Hurricane Sandy and Flooding on Long Beach Island, NJ. Keep in mind that these are suggestions and should be verified with your insurance broker. All flood insurance policies are different, and depending on your carrier, they may prefer a different strategy.

  • First, take pictures of everything as it lies.
  • Secondly, please take a picture of your walls showing the watermarks and how high they were. Use a tape measure so you can identify height.
  • If u have carpet, rip it out, padding, and all, but be sure to save at least a 1 foot by 1 foot (1×1) section as proof of the flooding. There will be no cleaning of it, water will be trapped in it forever, and this is not the type of water you want.
  • Next, you have to cut your Sheetrock out along the bottom of all your walls. Measure 12″ above the water line and cut. Then you must remove the insulation at this same level. Both Sheetrock and insulation act as sponges absorbing and holding all the water.
  •  Once all the wetness is removed, your framing is exposed. This is where things need to dry. FULLY!
  • If you have power, put dehumidifiers in the rooms.
  • If you have flooring such as linoleum, it will be removed because water will be trapped under it.

Hurricane Sandy, Flooding on Long Beach Island NJ, and Mold

Our major enemy here is mold. If framing does not get to dry out, mold will form and travel up your wall’s interior. This is not an easy task, and it may be best to hire a professional. The same is true for crawl spaces. There is insulation under most homes on Long Beach Island, NJ, and not removing this insulation will be a magnet for mold. It is also important not to forget the flex ducts for heating systems that can run in your crawl space. These fill with water as well and need to be ripped out. This will ensure that there will be no future damage.


Hurricane Sandy and Flooding on Long Beach Island NJ

Above all else, SAFETY IS KEY! These recommendations may be above the skill or ability of some people, so keep in mind your limitations and hire a contractor if need be. Remember to photo-document every step of the way. You can never have too many pictures. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help.

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