LBI Real Estate Home Inspections and Hurricane Sandy

Having a Home Inspection When Purchasing a Home in the Long Beach Island NJ Real Estate Market

LBI Real Estate Home Inspections and Hurricane Sandy

LBI NJ Real Estate and Hurricane Sandy

Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed, the LBI real estate market has regained some momentum.  Buyers have come back to the LBI real estate market on Long Beach Island NJ and more and more transactions are taking place. Although Long Beach Island did suffer major damage from Hurricane Sandy, many homes have been restored already and the impact to the LBI real estate market and property values on Long Beach Island seems to have been minor. It is, however, very important to understand that we are all operating in unknown waters (no pun intended) and there are new challenges that need to be met especially when concerning LBI Real Estate Home Inspections and Hurricane Sandy!

Inspecting a Home in the LBI Real Estate Market After Hurricane Sandy

A home inspection is ALWAYS recommended when purchasing a property that you intend occupy and now, it is more important than ever. The damage caused by flood waters is often unseen to the naked eye and it takes a through investigation of the property to ensure the home purchased in the LBI real estate market is safe and structurally sound. A few things to consider are:

  • Mold caused by damp and wet wood
  • Damaged electrical wires
  • Toxic residue left from gas furnaces or oil heat
  • Structurally sound foundations
  • Water damaged sheet rock

This only names a few of the issues that you should be concerned with when purchasing a homes in the LBI real estate market after Hurricane Sandy and that is why it is of the utmost importance to inspect any property. For a prospective buyer in the LBI real estate market, it may be a great comfort to have a clean home inspection after Hurricane Sandy as it is excellent proof of the strength and durability of the home.

Having a Second Home Inspection After Hurricane Sandy

There were several dozen transactions on Long Beach Island when Hurricane Sandy struck. It is also very important to remember that these homes too need a home inspection-even if they were inspected prior to Hurricane Sandy! In many ways, it is buyers in this situation who have the best advantage as they can compare their  pre-Sandy inspection to their post-Sandy inspection and evaluate how the home fared.  If damage occurred  the buyer may have an excellent opportunity to cancel the contract should they elect to do so and if the damage was not severe, credits and repairs can be easily negotiated thanks to a LBI Real Estate Home Inspection and Hurricane Sandy

 Buying Real Estate on Long Beach Island NJ

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone and if you have been considering buying or selling a home on Long Beach Island NJ, there are some excellent opportunities in the LBI real estate market. For buyers, there are homes for sale, both with and without storm damage, to choose from and for sellers, there is a tremendous amount of interest in the LBI real estate market. If you are considering buying or selling, please contact Nathan Colmer and I will be happy to discuss to current situation.

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