LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 5/19/2019-5/16/2019

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 5/19/2019-5/16/2019






Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales 5/19/2019-5/26/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 5/19/2019-5/26/2019: It was a rather slow week in the Long Beach Island real estate market. There were only 100 changes to the MLS this week. To help understand the dynamics of the LBI real estate market for buyers, sellers and investors I publish a weekly sales update for the Long Beach Island real estate market in addition to my monthly analysis of home sales. You can review all the active, pending, sold and withdrawn listings that are or were for sale on Long Beach Island in the given time frame. To give a quick summary:

  • 30 new listings entered the market with an average price of $1,087,692
  • 12 listings went under contact with an average listing price of about $1,011,306
  • 15 properties sold on Long Beach Island with an average price of $843,100
  • 13 listings were either withdrawn of expired in the LBI real estate market

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 |

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LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 5/19/2019-5/16/2019

Below is a breakdown of all market activity on Long Beach Island over the past week. For the property status NEW means it is a new or re-listed home, DOWN means the price was reduced, “P” means the property is under contract (pending), “C” means the property sold and “W” or “X” means the property failed to sell (withdrawn or expired). Note this is for single family homes, condos, duplexes and commercial real estate listed by all local Long Beach Island real estate agencies.

TypeChg TypeStreet NumberStreet NameMunicipalityCurrent PriceSq Ft TotalDOM
SFNEW1410AtlanticLong Beach Twp$1,375 03
SFNEW1410AtlanticLong Beach Twp$1,375 03
CONDONEW2219CentralShip Bottom$139,900 2043
CONDONEW20226th StShip Bottom$350,000 7283
SFNEW28714thShip Bottom$549,900 1,1524
CONDONEW1019th StreetShip Bottom$572,000 1,28912
CONDONEW1019th StreetShip Bottom$584,000 1,30812
CONDONEW1019th StreetShip Bottom$594,000 1,30812
CONDONEW1019th StreetShip Bottom$599,000 1,30812
SFNEW7600Long BeachLong Beach Twp$619,999 1,5963
CONDONEW1019th StreetShip Bottom$620,000 1,28612
CONDONEW1019th StreetShip Bottom$625,000 1,28612
CONDONEW1019th StreetShip Bottom$627,000 1,30819
SFNEW339West 14TH STShip Bottom$649,000 1,3656
CONDONEW315CentreBeach Haven Borough$675,000 1,6716
SFNEW315CentreBeach Haven Borough$675,000 1,6716
LNDNEW1094Long BeachLong Beach Twp$719,000 1,34435
COMNEW615BayBeach Haven Borough$799,999 01
CONDONEW1300BeachLong Beach Twp$800,000 1,6982
SFNEW40Alma RoadLong Beach Twp$829,000 2,2505
SFNEW4601Long BeachLong Beach Twp$855,000 2,6105
SFNEW1123 ALong BeachLong Beach Twp$899,900 1,3443
SFNEW44-ASandy Island DriveLong Beach Twp$949,000 2,3003
COMNEW907-909BayBeach Haven Borough$949,000 05
SFNEW14Antioch RoadLong Beach Twp$997,500 1,8986
SFNEW2401Central AvenueBarnegat Light$1,125,000 2,5006
SFNEW34New YorkLong Beach Twp$1,700,000 4,4325
SFNEW1208WestBeach Haven Borough$1,825,000 3,2182
SFNEW1067Long BeachLong Beach Twp$3,299,800 3,3487
SFNEW45-DLONG BEACHLong Beach Twp$8,999,999 10,0003
INOWBOM479thHarvey Cedars$69,000 90062
SFBOM5201Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,200,000 2,400333
SFDOWN1212CentralSurf City$419,000 72052
SFDOWN1107BarnegatSurf City$587,000 1,122104
SFDOWN881stHarvey Cedars$594,500 1,020105
SFDOWN3565thSurf City$595,000 1,24851
COMDOWN110BayBeach Haven Borough$599,000 1,800433
SFDOWN10515thLong Beach Twp$599,900 1,600268
CONDODOWN500Bay SEBeach Haven Borough$629,000 1,200316
SFDOWN5801BayviewLong Beach Twp$630,000 1,680193
SFDOWN4BuckinghamHarvey Cedars$674,900 1,84659
COMDOWN108BayBeach Haven Borough$799,999 3,700207
SFDOWN11LillieLong Beach Twp$829,900 1,72980
SFDOWN1046Long BeachLong Beach Twp$879,000 2,505270
MULDOWN1046Long BeachLong Beach Twp$879,000 2,505270
SFDOWN1AmherstLong Beach Twp$880,000 2,836209
SFDOWN115OsbornLong Beach Twp$899,000 2,80530
SFDOWN6C82ndHarvey Cedars$965,000 945478
LNDDOWN27527thShip Bottom$990,000 2,10066
SFDOWN27527thShip Bottom$990,000 2,100104
SFDOWN6DrexelSurf City$1,199,000 2,300298
SFDOWN10DrexelSurf City$1,199,000 2,300224
SFDOWN48Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,239,000 2,100109
SFDOWN136 CLong BeachLong Beach Twp$1,395,000 2,626360
COMDOWN110BayBeach Haven Borough$1,399,999 5,30075
SFDOWN409LeewardBeach Haven Borough$1,599,000 2,91888
SFDOWN108PanoramaLong Beach Twp$1,995,000 3,138123
SFDOWN1013 CLong BeachLong Beach Twp$3,799,000 5,800256
SFUP20217thShip Bottom$700,000 936131
SFUP1109OceanSurf City$3,899,000 4,800262
CONDOK102RooseveltLong Beach Twp$579,000 1,43721
SFK35South 33rdLong Beach Twp$579,900 1,11331
APTP21710thSurf City$975 90018
CONDOP508EnglesideBeach Haven Borough$425,000 9182
SFP6208Long Beach Blvd.Long Beach Twp$575,000 1,40080
SFP3293rdSurf City$654,900 1,62652
SFP7HarmonyLong Beach Twp$724,000 1,50052
SFP420thBarnegat Light$829,000 1,008101
SFP101MermaidLong Beach Twp$974,900 2,40251
SFP6305ELong BeachHarvey Cedars$1,195,000 2,30034
LNDP57Long BeachLong Beach Twp$2,799,000 0345
SFP57-BLong BeachLong Beach Twp$2,799,000 3,749345
SFW7301Long BeachLong Beach Twp$419,000 1,296101
MULW3322ndSurf City$649,000 1,976202
SFW9E South 34thLong Beach Twp$679,000 1,184234
SFW427thBarnegat Light$899,000 2,016273
SFW21HobartLong Beach Twp$919,900 1,800108
SFW706BayBeach Haven Borough$1,299,000 2,500152
CONDOC7301Long BeachLong Beach Twp$419,000 1,296110
SFC321StratfordBeach Haven Borough$549,000 67222
SFC3434thSurf City$605,000 1,09080
CONDOC1000BayBeach Haven Borough$640,000 1,10044
CONDOC9PearlBeach Haven Borough$660,000 704287
SFC751stLong Beach Twp$705,000 1,29618
CONDOC101-1079thShip Bottom$739,000 1,289176
SFC421CoralBeach Haven Borough$750,000 1,944164
SFC10213thSurf City$755,000 1,05644
SFC3436thLong Beach Twp$875,000 2,06493
SFC103SurfLong Beach Twp$945,000 1,681192
SFC213thBarnegat Light$952,500 2,39473
SFC18LangeHarvey Cedars$987,000 2,604112
SFC327NorwoodBeach Haven Borough$1,115,000 2,21298
SFC18BurwellLong Beach Twp$1,950,000 3,432229
MULX10MarshallLong Beach Twp$699,000 1,50078
SFX10MarshallLong Beach Twp$699,000 1,50063
SFX6302Long Beach BlvdHarvey Cedars$789,000 1,459180
SFX12201Old WhalingLong Beach Twp$825,000 1,824181
SFX9727thShip Bottom$869,000 2,160135
SFX14Antioch RoadLong Beach Twp$997,500 1,898211
SFX1201BeachBeach Haven Borough$1,650,000 3,600181

LBI New Jersey Real Estate Sales Analysis

Between this week and last the same number of new listings entered the market (30) and the average price was almost unchanged. There was one more pending sale this week and the average price was slightly higher this week. Far fewer homes sold this week, 21 last week compared to 15 this week, and the average price was about the same in the mid $800,0000’s. This is much lower than the “normal” average price of around $1,000,000. Overall activity was positive in the LBI real estate market this week in spite of being a little slower than normal. For more information about buying, selling or investment in the Long Beach Island real estate market or about LBI NJ Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 5/19/2019-5/26/2019 please do not hesitate to contact me.

By : Nathan Colmer | LBI Real Estate Agent | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 |

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