LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 6/23/2019-7/1/2019

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 6/23/2019-7/1/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales 6/23/2019-7/1/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 6/23/2019-7/1/2019: There were a total of 113 changes to the Long Beach Island sales market this week making it a very busy week. That said there were a higher than average number of withdrawn and expired listings from the LBI real estate market. To help understand the dynamics of the LBI real estate market for buyers, sellers and investors I publish a weekly sales update for the Long Beach Island real estate market in addition to my monthly analysis of home sales. You can review all the active, pending, sold and withdrawn listings that are or were for sale on Long Beach Island in the given time frame. To give a quick summary:

  • 22 new listings entered the market with an average price of $924,182
  • 10 listings went under contact with an average listing price of about $938,190
  • 12 properties sold on Long Beach Island with an average price of $1,189,083
  • 39 listings were either withdrawn of expired in the LBI real estate market

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 |

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LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 6/23/2019-7/1/2019

Below is a breakdown of all market activity on Long Beach Island over the past week. For the property status NEW means it is a new or re-listed home, DOWN means the price was reduced, “P” means the property is under contract (pending), “C” means the property sold and “W” or “X” means the property failed to sell (withdrawn or expired). Note this is for single family homes, condos, duplexes and commercial real estate listed by all local Long Beach Island real estate agencies.

TypeChg TypeStreet NumberStreet NameMunicipalityCurrent PriceSq Ft TotalDOM
INOWNEW1776th StreetHarvey Cedars$148,500 1,1522
CONDONEW137MarylandLong Beach Twp$324,999 4505
CONDONEW20226thShip Bottom$335,000 7282
LNDNEW1104CentralBarnegat Light$429,000 6,2503
LNDNEW4KimberlyLong Beach Twp$429,900 5,0013
SFNEW24711thShip Bottom$474,500 9185
LNDNEW24WinifredLong Beach Twp$549,000 05
CONDONEW3638thShip Bottom$560,000 1,2265
SFNEW3638thShip Bottom$560,000 1,2265
CONDONEW212PelhamBeach Haven Borough$599,000 8646
SFNEW170Long BeachLong Beach Twp$641,300 1,8365
SFNEW1915BayBeach Haven Borough$699,000 1,3204
SFNEW12303Old WhalingLong Beach Twp$749,999 1,9083
LNDNEW416NelsonBeach Haven Borough$799,000 00
SFNEW1245thBeach Haven Borough$895,000 1,4505
SFNEW4LeeHarvey Cedars$998,900 1,47014
SFNEW12224thShip Bottom$1,250,000 2,2046
SFNEW307Althea DriveLong Beach Twp$1,299,000 2,8282
SFNEW325BelvoirBeach Haven Borough$1,500,000 2,4915
SFNEW8ScottLong Beach Twp$1,599,900 3,3742
SFNEW211IroquoisBeach Haven Borough$2,495,000 3,1751
SFNEW410JeffriesBeach Haven Borough$2,995,000 4,4032
CONDOBOM401BroadwayBarnegat Light$189,900 30861
SFBOM10516thShip Bottom$1,100,000 2,435182
CONDOBOM10516thShip Bottom$1,100,000 2,435182
SFBOM31214thSurf City$2,299,000 3,368377
CONDODOWN900BeachBeach Haven Borough$332,500 80031
COMDOWN534Centre StBeach Haven Borough$359,000 0388
MULDOWN14JoanLong Beach Twp$569,000 1,60061
COMDOWN2216Long BeachSurf City$610,000 1,288210
SFDOWN2216Long BeachSurf City$610,000 1,288210
SFDOWN11114thShip Bottom$649,000 1,5004
SFDOWN2106CentralSurf City$715,000 1,00880
SFDOWN3816thShip Bottom$749,000 2,517283
LNDDOWN1010-ELong BeachLong Beach Twp$770,000 0746
CONDODOWN1300BeachLong Beach Twp$779,000 1,69837
SFDOWN1504BayviewBarnegat Light$889,000 2,24891
SFDOWN5303Long BeachLong Beach Twp$919,900 2,30088
SFDOWN1601Long BeachLong Beach Twp$964,900 2,36021
SFDOWN34615thShip Bottom$974,000 2,775136
SFDOWN1819BarnegatShip Bottom$979,000 2,000255
LNDDOWN27527thShip Bottom$989,000 2,100101
SFDOWN27527thShip Bottom$989,000 2,100139
SFDOWN249Oceana DriveLong Beach Twp$1,225,000 2,377174
SFDOWN21MeadeLong Beach Twp$1,399,000 3,20074
SFDOWN1806BayLong Beach Twp$1,475,000 3,207194
SFDOWN65 DLong BeachLong Beach Twp$1,999,000 3,650106
SFDOWN121IndianaLong Beach Twp$3,495,000 5,49591
COMDOWN2002Long BeachShip Bottom$3,695,000 9,000313
CONDOUP500BayBeach Haven Borough$599,000 1,20084
SFUP820thLong Beach Twp$1,295,000 3,47897
SFK10021stLong Beach Twp$879,000 3,360166
CONDOP21PennsylvaniaLong Beach Twp$152,900 468126
CONDOP109AtlanticBeach Haven Borough$480,000 73689
SFP2080thHarvey Cedars$598,000 1,15457
CONDOP500Bay SEBeach Haven Borough$639,000 1,200347
SFP12829Ship Bottom$799,000 1,49674
SFP225LibertyBeach Haven Borough$897,000 1,15243
SFP34312thSurf City$1,199,000 2,450104
SFP3008BeachLong Beach Twp$1,789,000 2,60043
SFP13BuckinghamHarvey Cedars$1,949,000 3,975151
CONDOW20226th StShip Bottom$350,000 72832
SFW24711thShip Bottom$474,500 918115
MULW1919thLong Beach Twp$699,000 1,900144
SFW1SeabreezeLong Beach Twp$899,900 2,371154
SFW68thBarnegat Light$974,999 1,350115
MULW213rdSurf City$979,000 1,632178
SFW213rdSurf City$979,000 1,63252
SFW1079thHarvey Cedars$1,299,000 1,950150
SFW3165thShip Bottom$1,299,000 3,13559
CONDOV129PearlBeach Haven Borough$465,000 72860
CONDOV11Cox AveHarvey Cedars$539,000 912105
SFV1CaliforniaLong Beach Twp$795,000 1,800133
MULV3462ndSurf City$799,900 1,992135
SFV3462ndSurf City$799,900 1,992173
LNDV400LeewardBeach Haven Borough$1,495,000 27,466542
SFV168Long BeachLong Beach Twp$2,490,000 3,016155
CONDOC900BeachBeach Haven Borough$316,000 95040
CONDOC4MarylandLong Beach Twp$335,000 938124
CONDOC7CarolinaLong Beach Twp$459,000 672124
SFC8W. 28thBarnegat Light$585,000 1,128309
CONDOC1019thShip Bottom$629,000 1,308282
SFC10525thShip Bottom$750,000 1,68018
LNDC1310thSurf City$935,000 016
SFC2401Central AvenueBarnegat Light$1,095,000 2,50029
SFC6305ELong BeachHarvey Cedars$1,165,000 2,30034
SFC6807KentHarvey Cedars$2,050,000 3,840118
SFC7409OceanLong Beach Twp$2,550,000 4,00043
SFC4505Long BeachLong Beach Twp$3,400,000 4,16971
APTL21710thSurf City$11,700 90018
COMX6332Long BeachHarvey Cedars$19,500 067
SFX39thBarnegat Light$549,000 1,008186
LNDX335PearlBeach Haven Borough$599,000 0881
SFX10819thLong Beach Twp$649,900 1,120101
CONDOX10819thLong Beach Twp$649,900 1,12088
CONDOX901Ocean AveShip Bottom$689,000 1,081114
SFX1113thLong Beach Twp$699,000 1,120708
SFX1702CentralBarnegat Light$739,000 2,526250
SFX23N 2ndSurf City$749,000 1,530157
SFX32816thShip Bottom$766,000 2,31460
LNDX416NelsonBeach Haven Borough$799,000 0145
SFX1813thLong Beach Twp$899,000 2,490159
SFX335PearlBeach Haven Borough$1,049,000 1,625881
COMX120BayBeach Haven Borough$1,099,999 0576
SFX18DupontLong Beach Twp$1,175,000 2,54881
MULX18DupontLong Beach Twp$1,175,000 2,54881
SFX44AlmaLong Beach Twp$1,599,000 3,407112
SFX103-BLong BeachLong Beach Twp$1,699,000 3,200174
SFX609AtlanticBeach Haven Borough$1,699,000 1,894100
SFX156MarinaLong Beach Twp$1,799,000 3,900182
SFX2CoastLong Beach Twp$1,825,000 2,500212
COMX5416Long BeachLong Beach Twp$2,500,000 0419
SFX45-DLONG BEACHLong Beach Twp$8,999,999 10,00037

LBI New Jersey Real Estate Sales Analysis

There were fewer new listings and pending sales this week but the average price of both was more or less in line with the expected range for a home in the LBI real estate market. There were fewer closings this week compared to last as well. Expired and withdrawn listings saw a major jump from 24 last week to 39 this week. This seasonal change is to be expected as we are now in the busy summer season. For more information about buying, selling or investment in the Long Beach Island real estate market or about LBI NJ Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 6/23/2019-7/1/2019 please do not hesitate to contact me.

By : Nathan Colmer | LBI Real Estate Agent | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 |

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