Long Beach Island Real Estate Bayfront Single Family Home Sales

Single Family Bayfront Sales in the LBI Real Estate Market Over the Past 12 Months   Long Beach Island Real Estate The Long Beach Island real estate market is comprised of many different locations. Depending on your needs and your budget, different locations will appeal more than others. One location that has definite pros and READ MORE

Bayfront Sales Update on Long Beach Island

  Bayfront Sales in the Long Beach Island Real Estate Market Long Beach Island Real Estate The LBI real estate market has been seeing strong activity with steady prices and an increase in activity. It is often helpful to look at individual segments of the market to see how they are currently performing. Here I READ MORE

Long Beach Island Bayfront Single-Family Home Sales

Long Beach Island Bayfront Single-Family Home Sales     LBI NJ Real Estate Long Beach Island New Jersey bayfront single-family home sales show some interesting statistics when compared to the other locations throughout the LBI real estate market. Bayfront homes offer outstanding views and great opportunities for boaters, especially if the home has riparian rights. READ MORE

LBI Real Estate CAFRA Waterfront Development

Understanding CAFRA Waterfront Development on Long Beach Island CAFRA and Waterfront Development CAFRA is a government agency charged with overseeing development of waterfront areas. CAFRA, along with the local township, will determine what can be built on a property that boarders water, beaches or wetlands. When looking to buy or sell any waterfront property in READ MORE