Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 1/29/2019-2/3/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 1/29/2019-2/3/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 1/29/2019-2/3/2019

Long Beach Island Real Estate

Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 1/29/2019-2/3/2019: The LBI real estate market saw a total of 100 changes over the last week. This makes this week the most active since 2019 began. This included new listings, price changes, sold listings, etc. To help understand the dynamics of the LBI real estate market I publish a weekly sales update for the Long Beach Island real estate market in addition to my monthly analysis of home sales. There was quite a bit of activity in the new listing category which make sense since February is usually a very strong month for new inventory coming on the market. In this week’s update you will find the Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 1/29/2019-2/3/2019. You can review all the active, pending, sold and withdrawn listings that are or were for sale on Long Beach Island in the given time frame. To give a quick summary:

  • 33 new listings entered the market with an average price of $1,246,000 (rounded)
  • 11 listings went under contact with an average price of about $1,040,000 (rounded)
  • 7 properties sold on Long Beach Island with an average price of $770,000 (rounded)
  • 21 listings were either withdrawn of expired in the LBI real estate market

Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 1/29/2019-2/3/2019

Below is a breakdown of all market activity on Long Beach Island over the past week. For the property status NEW means it is a new or re-listed home, DOWN means the price was reduced, “P” means the property is under contract (pending), “C” means the property sold and “W” or “X” means the property failed to sell (withdrawn or expired). Note this is for single family homes, condos, duplexes and commercial real estate listed by all local Long Beach Island real estate agencies.

Property TypeChg TypeMLS#Street NumberStreet NameMunicipalityCurrent PriceBeds TotalBaths FullBaths HalfSq Ft TotalDOM
RNTNEW40602923698thShip Bottom$2,800 3201,2263
RESNEW4060201Unit 6  700BroadwayBarnegat Light$299,900 2119157
RESNEW40601865608OceanLong Beach Twp$339,000 2107284
RESNEW40603107301Long BeachLong Beach Twp$494,000 2201,2962
RESNEW40602232108BayBeach Haven Borough$499,000 3111,0326
RESNEW4060315312DrexelShip Bottom$519,900 3201,3002
RESNEW406026215MeaLong Beach Twp$549,000 4201,5005
MULNEW406024415MeaLong Beach Twp$549,000 0001,5005
RESNEW4060243716thBarnegat Light$625,000 2201,8000
RESNEW4058930529thLong Beach Twp$645,000 3209962
MULNEW40603242OceanviewLong Beach Twp$700,000 0003,2002
RESNEW406022221Winifred (79th)Long Beach Twp$725,000 4201,7916
LNDNEW406034010830thShip Bottom$824,900 0001,6562
RESNEW406030710830thShip Bottom$824,900 4301,6562
RESNEW4060280164 BLong BeachLong Beach Twp$879,000 5312,2104
RESNEW40603448601JamaicaHarvey Cedars$949,000 3201,5000
LNDNEW40603418601JamaicaHarvey Cedars$949,000 0001,5000
RESNEW40603213ArtsLong Beach Twp$985,000 2111,2641
RESNEW40602312106thBeach Haven Borough$989,000 5201,7005
RESNEW40602701601Long BeachLong Beach Twp$999,950 4312,3604
RESNEW4060242199NautilusLong Beach Twp$1,099,000 5402,7102
RESNEW406032918LangeHarvey Cedars$1,100,000 5402,6041
RESNEW40603231079thHarvey Cedars$1,350,000 4201,9502
RESNEW4060319323LibertyBeach Haven Borough$1,575,000 4312,5002
RESNEW4060308402CentralBarnegat Light$1,599,000 3212,1022
RESNEW406022913AuburnLong Beach Twp$1,775,900 6525,0002
RESNEW4060330411OceanShip Bottom$2,199,000 4212,0001
RESNEW4060266805AtlanticBeach Haven Borough$2,299,000 4212,1003
RESNEW40602643301Long BeachLong Beach Twp$2,300,000 5502,7228
RESNEW40601464003Long BeachLong Beach Twp$2,699,000 6312,8924
RESNEW406020752GLong BeachLong Beach Twp$2,995,000 7515,2722
LNDNEW406018810SixthBeach Haven Borough$3,400,000 0003,2508
RESNEW406018710SixthBeach Haven Borough$3,400,000 6313,2508
RESBOM405372328418thShip Bottom$559,900 5202,188144
RESBOM40513933 E16thBarnegat Light$890,000 3200182
RESDOWN40501598W. 28thBarnegat Light$639,000 3101,128214
RESDOWN40533861256thBeach Haven Borough$699,000 4201,536160
RESDOWN405518111LouisianaLong Beach Twp$775,000 4111,144124
LNDDOWN405516811LouisianaLong Beach Twp$775,000 0000124
RESDOWN4050084608BeachBeach Haven Borough$825,000 4201,800187
RESDOWN405898210021stLong Beach Twp$899,000 5313,36018
RESDOWN405179322827thShip Bottom$975,000 4201,320183
MULDOWN405192322827thShip Bottom$975,000 0001,320183
MULDOWN4058688213rdSurf City$1,029,000 0001,63231
RESDOWN40581601720thBarnegat Light$1,047,000 4312,41772
RESDOWN4053204140Long BeachLong Beach Twp$1,199,000 4312,91070
RESDOWN402013173SunsetLong Beach Twp$1,800,000 4413,700627
RESDOWN4051895402JefferisBeach Haven Borough$1,990,000 6424,244181
RESDOWN4058087124ColoradoLong Beach Twp$2,899,900 4312,85969
RESDOWN40481232100WestBeach Haven Borough$3,200,000 6424,244258
RESUP4051772123rdBarnegat Light$1,279,000 4312,400186
RESK4058894101EnglesideBeach Haven Borough$679,000 3201,30021
RESK40585113204thShip Bottom$1,195,000 5202,38039
RESK405689320920thLong Beach Twp$1,500,000 3111,31487
RESP4051909416Boulevard 2ndShip Bottom$379,000 3101,010113
RESP405870521418thSurf City$449,000 21196623
RESP4053269100PennsylvaniaLong Beach Twp$799,900 4211,760163
RESP40474471100A North BeachLBBLong Beach Twp$829,000 3201,683283
RESP40587071MarshallLong Beach Twp$899,999 4212,26428
RESP4058870128HarmonyLong Beach Twp$1,125,000 4212,34019
RESP40602968RooseveltLong Beach Twp$1,295,000 4312,04021
RESP40585439322MarkLong Beach Twp$2,295,000 4413,0760
RESW405528510830thShip Bottom$824,900 4301,656117
RESW40552038601JamaicaHarvey Cedars$999,000 3201,500123
LNDW40567318601JamaicaHarvey Cedars$999,000 0001,500123
RESW40478971601Long BeachLong Beach Twp$999,995 4312,360198
RESW4055045323LibertyBeach Haven Borough$1,575,000 4312,500128
RESV405690024412thShip Bottom$899,000 4312,18479
RESV405185934615thShip Bottom$999,000 4212,775174
RESV4053537199NautilusLong Beach Twp$1,099,000 5402,710109
RESV405295488BayviewLong Beach Twp$1,699,000 6332,868163
RESV4050071463SchodererSurf City$1,699,000 4212,753209
RESC40457571100BayBeach Haven Borough$405,000 220926278
LNDC40588888ScottLong Beach Twp$500,000 00003
RESC405498112JanetLong Beach Twp$550,000 31095076
RESC40581111411thBarnegat Light$550,000 2201,40073
RESC40533016Cape CodLong Beach Twp$635,000 5201,80029
RESC40502542707thShip Bottom$636,000 4221,600185
RESC406010811622Surf City$726,500 3201,152
RESC40493393802Long BeachLong Beach Twp$950,000 4312,766184
RESC40537531146thBeach Haven Borough$950,000 4212,200116
RESC40538646201Long BeachHarvey Cedars$953,000 4202,088117
RESC405387218HarmonyLong Beach Twp$1,042,807 4212,24556
RESC40582471848thLong Beach Twp$1,350,000 5312,20028
RESX4053519102RooseveltLong Beach Twp$37,500 0000170
RESX40166901776thHarvey Cedars$174,900 3201,000733
LNDX405351717PershingLong Beach Twp$585,000 0000170
RESX40283032080thHarvey Cedars$625,999 3201,154622
RESX405192436thBarnegat Light$689,000 6201,936177
MULX405294836thBarnegat Light$689,000 0001,936177
RESX4055172101MermaidLong Beach Twp$995,000 5212,402121
RESX40513601079thHarvey Cedars$1,379,000 4201,950203
RESX403770510-FLong BeachLong Beach Twp$2,995,000 6303,060396
RESX40518255419-ELong BeachHarvey Cedars$3,199,000 5413,094183
RESX405156310SixthBeach Haven Borough$3,400,000 6313,250177
LNDX405505710SixthBeach Haven Borough$3,400,000 0003,250177
RESX40476401064ELong BeachLong Beach Twp$3,795,000 5413,630178
RESX403770710-E & FLong Beach BoulevardLong Beach Twp$3,899,000 6303,060396
RESX403770610-B-FLong Beach BoulevardLong Beach Twp$5,995,000 6303,060396
RESX40455547-ALong BeachLong Beach Twp$11,200,000 14807,633224

Long Beach Island Real Estate Sales Analysis

This was a busy week in the LBI real estate market! There were a higher than average number of new listings on the market. While this is common for this time of year, it helps buyers who have been facing low inventory levels. The average sales price was considerably lower than we usually see at only $770,000. This marks the second week in a row that the average price of a sale has been under $1,000,000. As 2019 moves along we are seeing fewer homes under contact than a year ago however activity has remained strong overall. For more information about buying, selling or investment in the Long Beach Island real estate market or about Long Beach Island Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 1/29/2019-2/3/2019 please do not hesitate to contact me.

By : Nathan Colmer | The Van Dyk Group

Cell: 609-290-4293 | Office: 800-222-0131 | ncolmer@vandykgroup.com


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