Selling Your Home on Long Beach Island NJ

Selling Your Home on LBI NJ in the LBI Real Estate Market

Selling Your Home on Long Beach Island NJ

Selling LBI Real Estate

Selling Your Home on Long Beach Island NJ in this or any market involves careful preparation, an understanding of the local market, and a plan of action. The LBI real estate market has seen a significant increase in activity-but buyers are smart and this activity is limited only to the homes that are both priced well and presented well. My strategy for selling your home on Long Beach Island NJ involves three points: preparation, marketing, and communication all intended to ensure my listings are well received by the buyers in the LBI real estate market.

Preparing to Sell Your Home on Long Beach Island NJ

In order for your home to be received well by the market, it must be priced in accordance with not only recent sales but also active listings. I always describe pricing as a two-fold process:

  • 1. Using the recent (3 months) sales as a baseline for where your property should be priced.
  • 2. Using the ACTIVE listings as a final guide for establishing your exact listing price. I actually place more emphasis on the active listings as those are your direct competition.

By establishing a listing price that is not only competitive with current listings but also based on recent sales, your house will be attractive to both real estate agents and home buyers on Long Beach Island NJ. Preparation also involves readying your house for showings. The removal of personal items and unnecessary furniture (from a showing standpoint) will make your house more attractive to buyers and result in more showings. It will also make the pictures and online media more attractive which will excite agents and subsequently their buyer clients. It is also advisable to repair any damage to the property that may alarm buyers. I have enclosed a link to the items that often show up on a home inspection.

Marketing Your Home on Long Beach Island NJ

Marketing is another key essential to any listing. My marketing efforts are directed at both real estate agents (as they are the ones who advise the buyers directly) and the buyers themselves. The internet is now the dominant factor in marketing efforts and it is, for this reason, the majority of my efforts are here. Standard on all of my listings are:

  • Virtual Tours
  • the maximum number of photos allowed (which actually increases your ranking on websites like and
  • Integrated floor plans of your property complete with pictures.
  • SEO optimization on sites like to ensure as many people as possible will see your property.

I also rely on the more traditional methods such as “Just Listed” postcards, print media, and open houses. My full marketing plan can be accessed here and examples of the floor plan and video tour can be seen here.

Communicating in the LBI NJ Real Estate Market

Communication between you and I is extremely essential. The market is constantly changing and with it, so your listing changes in how it is received by the market and by the buyers. At a minimum, you will hear from me every Monday with details of activity over the past week and my marketing efforts. I answer my cell phone anytime day or night so I am always in touch with my clients. A breakdown of my listing efforts and my communication is accessible here.

Getting Started in the LBI Real Estate Market

Selling your home on Long Beach Island NJ is a team effort which is why I place extra emphasis on the communication aspect of my strategy. It is my job not only to market your listing to the public but also to ensure that my clients have a clear understanding of the LBI real estate market. Without this understanding, it is impossible to determine if selling your home on Long Beach Island NJ  is the right thing for you to do!

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